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2017 Comet, Solo, Streaker Open   iCal entry for this event

Incorporating the:

  • 2017 Comet Open Meeting (Eastern Travellers' Series)
  • 2017 Solo Open Meeting (Thames Valley Series)
  • 2017 Streaker Open Meeting (Southern Paddle Series)


Note: Pre-registration is available until 12:00 midday on 20th April 2017 with pre-registered boats benefitting from a discounted entry fee.


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The galley will be open from 09:00 on Saturday for breakfast.


Burghfield Open Meetings: General Information

Burghfield SC: Location

Note: There is a 2.2m height restriction at the entrance to the club, please see the website for access details.


Location: Burghfield Sailing Club


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Description Date Availability Bookings Price Select
Comet 22-04-2017 closed show £10
Solo 22-04-2017 closed show £10
Streaker 22-04-2017 closed show £10