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(21/22 Lent Stash) SR280F Smooth polyester t-shirt (female)   iCal entry for this event

Polyester t-shirt (female)


For details of item, colours and sizes see:


Please note that printing will be white, so any lighter colours shown on that page may be unsuitable


Samples show printing on a different item.


Colour / size options and delivery details will be requested during check out.  


The following combinations are not available: 


Black (not L or XXL)  
Candy (not L, XL or XXL)  
Sapphire Blue  

 Tangerine (not S or M)

Likely to be ready around the beginning of June.  If required can be posted.  Definition of Europe for postage purposes at royalmail.com/world-zones 



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Sorry this event is in the past.

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SR280F T-shirt closed