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Wednesday - Intermediate   iCal entry for this event

Intermediate online class taught by Beth



For virtual classes, you are responsible for your own personal risk assessment.

Each person taking part should assess the activity and decide if it is suitable for them, with regards to their ability, fitness, and personal surroundings.

  1. You are required to perform your own risk assessment of your dancing space. Consider:
    1. Are your floors safe for dancing?
      1. Use caution on slippery floors
      2. Repeated jumping on hard floors can cause pain in the shins and knees
    2. Is your barre secure?
    3. Is the area around you clear?
      1. Be mindful of furniture, walls, uneven flooring, and housemates
    4. If necessary, how will you acquire medical assistance?
  2. Only perform steps you are comfortable with
    1. Don’t do a step at home if you wouldn’t do it in the studio.
    2. Do not do pointe at home if you are a beginner or if your floors are not suitable
    3. You can adapt steps to your level!
      1. Example: If you’re not comfortable turning, you can do a balance instead. If you’re not comfortable doing a step on demi-pointe, you can do it on flat. Ask your teacher for suggestions or alternate steps.
  3. Due to safety concerns there will be NO VIRTUAL BEGINNER POINTE CLASSES. Do not do pointe at home if you do not have any experience en pointe.
  4. If you have slick floors, consider purchasing a home practice mat like this one: https://www.danceandstage.co.uk/home-practice-dance-mats
  5. If you have space, you could also consider purchasing a home barre, like this one: https://www.newitts.com/beemat-studio-ballet-barre
  6. Mute yourself during class
  7. Click on “Speaker View” to enlarge the teacher’s window and/or "Pin" the teacher's video.

Location: Online


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28-04-2021 Int - Beth 28-04-2021 19:00 20:00 closed 93
05-05-2021 Int - Beth 05-05-2021 19:00 20:00 closed 90
12-05-2021 Int - Beth 12-05-2021 19:00 20:00 closed 92
19-05-2021 Int - Beth 19-05-2021 19:00 20:00 closed 92
26-05-2021 Int - Beth 26-05-2021 19:00 20:00 closed 93
02-06-2021 Int - Beth 02-06-2021 19:00 20:00 closed 91
09-06-2021 Int - Beth 09-06-2021 19:00 20:00 closed 90
16-06-2021 Int - Beth 16-06-2021 19:00 20:00 until 16-06-2021 93 £3