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Indoor Show Jumping (to include Spring Festival Qualifiers)   iCal entry for this event

Essex Hunt North Pony Club


Pony Club Members Indoor Show Jumping 

(to include Preliminary Round Spring Festival Qualifiers)

Brook Farm Training Centre, Stapleford Rd, Stapleford Abbotts, Essex. RM4 1EJ

Saturday 31st October 2020 

Commencing 9.00am sharp

Class 1

X Poles Combination not to have won 3 or more firsts at this height or 

above. True beginners only lead rein and outside assistance allowed 

X poles

Class 2

Beginners Combination not to have won 3 or more firsts at this height or above. 

True beginners only

Fences 50cms 


Class 3

Novice Combination not to have won 3 or more firsts

 at this height or above. 

Fences 60cms 


Class 4


Fences 70cms 


Class 5


This is the newer level of Winter Series Show jumping

Combination of horse/pony and rider are NOT eligible if they have: 

• Represented their Branch/Centre at PC100 (Intermediate) or above at Summer Area Qualifiers for 

The Pony Club Show Jumping Championships 

• Been placed 1st – 3rd as INDIVIDUAL in the PC90 (Novice) or above Pony Club Show Jumping Championships 

Rider is NOT eligible if they have: 

• Previously competed at the Winter Series Open Grand Prix Championships; or 

• The Pony Club Show Jumping Final at Hickstead


max 80cms 

Class 6


Combination of horse/pony and rider are NOT eligible if they have: 

• Represented their Branch/Centre at PC110 (Open) Summer Area Qualifiers for The Pony Club Show 

Jumping Championships (this does not include any other classes held in conjunction with the Area Qualifier)


max 90cms 


General Information - RIDE COMPETE LEAVE

  • SPRING FESTIVAL QUALIFIERS: For more information we highly recommend you visit the Pony Club website to check eligibility rules: https://pcuk.org/members/competitions/the-pony-club-spring-festival/

  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION Combination of horse/pony and rider CAN qualify for both the Debut Championships and PC Challenge Championships in the same year but CANNOT also qualify for the Open Grand Prix Final.

  • ENTRY FEES:  Classes 1, 2, 3, 4 £15 Debut and PC Challenge Spring Festival Qualifier classes 5 & 6 £18. 

ONLINE ENTRIES ONLY: https://webcollect.org.uk/ehnpc

  • Pre-entry only Entries Close Saturday 24th October or earlier if classes are full. Entry for classes will be restricted, no late entries or class / rider / horse changes after the closing date. Submission of entry denotes acceptance of the rules - YOU MUST READ THE COVID PROTOCOLS AND RULES.

  • ROSETTES: Rosettes will be awarded to 8th place in each class and will be posted on request after the Show according to entries and will be divided into Horses / Ponies if numbers warrant. 

  • CLASS RESTRICTIONS: Competitors in class 1 may not enter class 3 or above. No lead reins will be allowed except in class 1.                                                                                

  • TIMES: Times & Course walks will be allocated for all classes please check the website for running order.


  • Please DO NOT phone Brook Farm on the day and ask them which class we are on. Mobile reception at the venue is poor.   

  • Any questions: please contact Liane Dunn by email: lianedunn1@aol.com 

COVID Protocols & Rules

  1. Do not attend if you are anyone in  your household are displaying symptoms of COVID 19

  2. Any one attending must comply with Government guidelines.

  3. One rider and one support per horse / pony, two parents/guardians for Under 18s are allowed, if absolutely necessary.

  4. No spectators are allowed.

  5. You must park a safe distance from other lorries and follow any parking instructions.

  6. No one is allowed in the warm up unless assisting a competitor in the X pole class or 50cm class.

  7. Numbers of riders in the warm up will be restricted.

  8. Social distancing of two metres must be maintained at all times.

  9. Masks must be worn by competitors and any accompanying adults on course walks. Depending on class sizes we may add a course walk into the middle of the class to ensure group sizes are manageable. Please check this on the Times which will be on the website.

  10. Masks must also be worn in the Toilets and Café which will be open.

  11. No spectators in the viewing gallery and you will only be able to watch your child from the gate and no others.

  12. Please do not linger once you have finished your round and remember RIDE COMPETE LEAVE


General Rules

  1. Preliminary Rounds will run in accordance with 2020 Pony Club Show Jumping Rules and the Spring Festival Rules 2020/2021. All Area Competitions and the Championships will run in accordance with the 2020 Pony Club Show Jumping Rules and the Spring Festival Rules 2020/2021.

  2. Hats conforming to the current Pony Club dress rules must be worn with the chinstrap fastened whilst mounted.

  3. No Horse or pony to enter more than 3 classes.

  4. In all Pony Club Show Jumping, excessive use of the whip including repeated slapping down the shoulder is prohibited. The rules state that the whip may be used a maximum of three times during any roun. Use of the whip will be monitored, especially at the Championships, and excessive use may result in elimination at the discretion of the Judges. 

  5. In case of high entries some classes may be run as single phase without jump off.

  6. Pony Club members only may compete.

  7. No refunds will be made unless the show is cancelled

  8. LEGAL LIABILITY Save for the death or personal injury caused by the negligence of the organisers, or anyone for whom they are in law responsible, neither the organisers of this event or The Pony Club nor any agent, employee or representative of these bodies, nor the landlord or his tenant, accepts any liability for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, spectators, land, cars, their contents and accessories, or any other personal property whatsoever, whether caused by their negligence, breach of contract or in any other way whatsoever. Entries are only accepted on this basis.

  9. HEALTH AND SAFETY Organisers of this event have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the Health and Safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organisers and all the officials and stewards. 

  10. All horses and ponies must be fully vaccinated against equine flu according to the Pony Club Rules.


Spring Festival 

(Please see Pony Club Website for more information)



All Dates

Prelim Rounds will run from the August 2020- 28th February 2021
(Prelim Rounds can now also take place at British Show Jumping Club Classes: 90cm) 
Area Competitions will run from 1st March 2021 - 31st March 2021
Championships - Arena uk 10th -11th of April 2021


SADDLERY AND DRESS - At Preliminary Round Competitions EITHER the Pony Club or BS Rules apply in respect of Saddlery and Dress. The Pony Club Saddlery and Dress rules apply at Area Competitions and the Championships.


PASSING DOWN THE LINE - In the event of a competitor being placed in a qualifying position at a Preliminary Round when they have already qualified for the Area Competition, the place may pass down the line PROVIDED THAT the next placed combination has jumped a CLEAR ROUND in the FIRST ROUND.


N.B. A Member may compete at Preliminary Rounds in any Area, but they MUST go to their own Area Competition.



Location: Brook Farm Training Centre, Stapleford Rd, Stapleford Abbotts, Essex. RM4 1EJ


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Description Date Availability Places
Price Book
Class 1 X poles 31-10-2020 closed full £15
Class 2 50cm 31-10-2020 closed full £15
Class 3 60cm 31-10-2020 closed full £15
Class 4 70cm 31-10-2020 closed full £15
Class 5 Q Debut 31-10-2020 closed 1 £18
Classs 6 Q PC Challenge 31-10-2020 closed 11 £18