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Sail4Cancer Team Relay Endurance Race   iCal entry for this event

Prices indicated below are suggested donations to the Sailing Charity - Sail4Cancer 

Open to dinghies, sculling boats and standup paddle boarders

The Hollowell Team Relay Endurance Event for the Sailing Charity Sail4Cancer  is on Sunday 18 July 2021. The race will start at 12:00 noon and run for 5 hours plus time to complete the current lap once the 5 hours is up.

The event is open to all Hollowell Sailing Club members who can compete in a dinghy, SUP or sculling boat as separate event classes. The dinghies will follow a course around marks. The SUP and sculling boats will follow a course around the perimeter of the water and must keep clear of dinghies. Teams will comprise a minimum of 2 helms or 2 SUP-pers or 2 sculling boats up to a maximum of 6 people per team. Teams may use separate or share craft. Mixed event class teams are not permitted. One craft from each team will compete at a time. Teams of 2-3 craft will be randomly selected on the day or members may select their own teams in advance.

Prizes will be awarded to the team in each class that covers the greatest distance measured as an adjusted lap count over five hours. For the dinghy event class each helms' lap count will be adjusted by their gold, silver, bronze personal handicap. For a prize to be awarded there must be a minimum of two teams in the event class.

Event subject to government Covid compliance. 

Location: Hollowell Sailing Club


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Description Date Start time End time Availability Places
Sail4Cancer Race 13-09-2020 12:00 16:00 closed full
Sail4Cancer Team Relay Endurance Race 18-07-2021 until 18-07-2021 30
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Type Price    
Single hander dinghy £5
Double hander dinghy £8
Standup paddleboard £5
Sculling boat £5