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Dinghy Open Day June 2022 pre-entry   iCal entry for this event

Join us for the Dinghy Open on Sunday 12th June.


Racing at 10:30 (3 back to back races)

Racing for:

Optimist - Moth Bowl (89)


Solo - Clementine Cup (34)

NOD - Marks Cup (30)

Topper - Rock Salt Cellar (72)

Sparkle Trophy (60)

Wayfarer Trophy (45)


We wish to extend our thanks to our Race Team, the Flag Officers, Committees and to the members who have stepped in to volunteer their time to make sure that duties are covered to enable racing to happen. We hope you enjoy the event!



Location: Norfolk Broads Yacht Club


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Date 12-06-2022
Availability until 11-06-2022
Type Price    
Single Hander £8.50
Double Hander £9.50