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Lower & Upper Tees (Or Similar) - Whitewater Trip   iCal entry for this event

Please note this event is only available to current members. It can not be used as a trial session. 

Quick Info

Location: River Tees, Barnard Castle (Or Similar)

Suitable For: Someone confident on moving water. Its a grade 3 trip, but everything can be walked around.

Start: 7.00am LOPC

Finish: Approx 8-9pm


The Plan is to start at Barnard Castle and down past the abbey, then load up and go to the upper tees. For this section there is a path around the whole run if you want to opt out of anything on this section, and running low force is an option too.
It's quite a drive (2.5-3hrs), so an early start will be required. We will be taking the minibus but may need another vehicle for a shuttle. 
Bring a packed lunch as theres an ideal time to eat between the two sections.
We will stop for some food on the way back - this may be a pub meal or fast food depending on group preference and time.

Who can go / What do you need?

There is a limited amount of space available, based on the amount of leaders we will have.
In terms of ability, You'll need to have a bit of moving water experience. E.g. the Nene, Tyne Tour or similar. Ask if your unsure.
Whilst we always try to be as inclusive as possible with trips, there are a few limitations on this trip:
1. You need to be confident on moving water, if you came to tyne tour and felt comfortable enough for a (small) step up that's ideal. Its a grade 3 trip, but everything can be walked around.
2. You should own or be able to borrow winter paddle clothing *
3. You must have airbags in your boat. Preferably bow and stern, but at least stern.
We have a limited number of club boats and helmets available. Please specify what you need on your booking.
If using a club boat/kit the cost is £5.
* this means a drysuit, dry cag + dry trousers, or (at a push) a GOOD wetsuit and cag. You will be on the water all day, and its November. If you get too cold, one\some of the group will take care of you, but its the end to their days paddling, so its important we start on the right foot. Ask around, members may loan their kit. As always, a helmet and BA will need to be worn at all times on the river.
Note that you must be a current member of the club in order to come on the trip.


Trip cost including a seat minibus (first booked gets them!) is £7.

Its a bit further than the dee - hence the slighlty higher price to cover fuel

Location: Barnard Castle


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