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Pool Session - New Parks Leisure Centre   iCal entry for this event

Please note this event is only available to current members or those coming for a trial session. As a prospective member, you may attend 3 trial sessions before joining the club.

Quick Info

Location: New Parks Leisure Centre. St Oswalds Rd, Leicester LE3 6RJ.

Suitable For: Everyone, above 5 years of age.  Juniors on early session only please, unless otherwise agreed.


  • Family Fun Session 7.30 - 8.15pm
  • Skills Session 8.15 - 9.00pm

Price: £5 


Important - ** If bringing your own boat **

Your boat MUST be properly washed out by removing the airbags and really hosing it out and cleaning the outside. Any debris that is released into the pool puts our ability to have these sessions at risk. You may be turned away if your boat isn't adequately cleaned.


If your boat is larger than a 'normal' creek boat (roughly 9' or 2.6m) you will need to purchase 2 places as the pool make us control the space used in the pool by limiting how full it is.



The perfect opportunity to practice your skills in a nice warm pool. Perfect for practising spray desk tests, support strokes, rolls, wet exits, freestyle tricks or just general strokes.


  • The earlier session will be a family fun session. Juniors, parents and adults welcome. The emphasis is on fun, games and splashing about. Plenty of Noise!
  • The later session is a bit more focused on skills and technique. Really for older juniors, playboaters and adults who want help with specifics or to practice things.

This isn't a hard and fast separation, but we expect participants to be mindful of the aims of the session, coaches will adjust their focus between the sessions.


There will be at least one coach and helpers in the pool to help teach and offer guidance. Coaching\help is usually on an ad hoc basis so please ask for any help you need. 


Safety is covered both by pool lifeguards, coaches\helpers and other paddlers. Parents bringing juniors are expected to monitor them from the poolside too as coaching isn't on a 1 to 1 basis. Buoyancy Aids are available, but aren't a substitute for supervision.


We have a selection of boats in different sizes available, participants are expected to think of others when selecting boats in order to allow maximum participation.


There is a small bar where we sometimes meet afterwards for a chat.


If you book a space and need to cancel, please give at least 48 hours notice. You will still be expected to pay for a space unless we have been able to re-book it.


Please note that swimming in the pool whilst boats are on the water is not allowed for safety reasons.


Who can go / What do you need?

The sessions are open to any ability, aged 5 or over. The early session is open to all, with an emphasis on Juniors. The later session is intended to be more suited to adults. Please contact us if you have questions.


Bring a swimming costume\shorts, a t shirt can make the boat more comfortable. You may wear swim shoes.

Buoyancy aids are optional, but juniors are expected to wear them unless they are strong swimmers.


We have paddles, boats, spraydecks & BAs at the pool. 



£5 per person, including boat & kit.

You may book both the early & late session if you want to have a longer session.




Location: New Parks Leisure Centre


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Price Book
03-08-2018 19:30 20:30 closed 20 £5
10-08-2018 19:30 20:30 closed 20 £5
17-08-2018 19:30 20:30 closed 20 £5
24-08-2018 19:30 20:30 closed 20 £5
Family Fun Session 07-12-2018 19:30 20:15 closed 7 £5
Skills Session (Older Juniors & Adults) 07-12-2018 20:15 21:00 closed 9 £5
Family Fun Session 14-12-2018 19:30 20:15 closed 10 £5
Skills Session (Older Juniors & Adults) 14-12-2018 20:15 21:00 closed 6 £5
Family Fun Session 21-12-2018 19:30 20:15 closed 6 £5
Skills Session (Older Juniors & Adults) 21-12-2018 20:15 21:00 closed 10 £5
Family Fun Session 01-02-2019 19:30 20:15 closed 15 £5
Skills Session (Older Juniors & Adults) 01-02-2019 20:15 21:00 closed 14 £5
Family Fun Session 08-02-2019 19:30 20:15 closed full £5
Skills Session (Older Juniors & Adults) 08-02-2019 20:15 21:00 closed 4 £5
Family Fun Session 15-02-2019 19:30 20:15 closed 4 £5
Skills Session (Older Juniors & Adults) 15-02-2019 20:15 21:00 closed 6 £5
Family Fun Session 22-02-2019 19:30 20:15 closed 1 £5
Skills Session (Older Juniors & Adults) 22-02-2019 20:15 21:00 closed 8 £5
Family Fun Session 05-04-2019 19:30 20:15 closed 1 £5
Skills Session (Older Juniors & Adults) 05-04-2019 20:15 21:00 closed 10 £5
Family Fun Session 12-04-2019 19:30 20:15 closed 15 £5
Skills Session (Older Juniors & Adults) 12-04-2019 20:15 21:00 closed 15 £5
Family Fun Session 19-04-2019 19:30 20:15 closed full £5
Skills Session (Older Juniors & Adults) 19-04-2019 20:15 21:00 closed full £5
Family Fun Session 26-04-2019 19:30 20:15 5 £5
Skills Session (Older Juniors & Adults) 26-04-2019 20:15 21:00 13 £5