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Commodore's Charity Cycle Ride - 20th June

The Commodore's Charity 'Round the Harbour Cycle Ride' is on again this year, not withstanding some controls on numbers!


Please sponsor our riders

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Riders will be added below as they enter the ride


Step 1 - Select dates
Description Date Book
Alan Hescroff 20-06-2021
Ann Keates 20-06-2021
Ben Archer 20-06-2021
Bob Cudmore 20-06-2021
Chris Whalley 20-06-2021
Christopher Jackson 20-06-2021
David Pipe 20-06-2021
David Pratt 20-06-2021
Elizabeth Jackson 20-06-2021
Geof Gibbons 20-06-2021
Jenny Pipe 20-06-2021
John Keates 20-06-2021
Krys Parry 20-06-2021
Paul Chesterman 20-06-2021
Paul Cutts 20-06-2021
Peter Keats 20-06-2021
Ray Mayberry 20-06-2021
Richard Drew 20-06-2021
Sandra Cutts 20-06-2021
Steve Tyler 20-06-2021
z Group 20-06-2021
Step 2 - Select type
Type Price    
Sponsorship £5
Sponsorship £10
Sponsorship £15
Sponsorship £20