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Cruiser Autumn Series 2021   iCal entry for this event

Parkstone Yacht Club and Poole Yacht Club will be joint Organising Authorities for cruiser racing during the 2021 Autumn / Winter Cruiser Series. Parkstone Yacht Club will run racing largely in Poole Bay (the Bay Series); Poole Yacht Club will organise racing largely within Poole Harbour (the Harbour Series). Separate Sailing Instructions will be issued by Parkstone Yacht Club for the Bay Series, and by Poole Yacht Club for the Harbour Series.


This entry system is for Bay Racing organised by Parkstone YC.


Racing will take place every Sunday morning from 3rd October to 12th December 2021 inclusive, except on 14th November 2021 when there will be a Charity Pursuit Race starting at 1110, which is run from Poole Yacht Club and raced in the Harbour. This race will not count towards any series scores.


1. There will be two races per day for cruisers rated under both IRC and VPRS.

2. The Warning Signal for the first race will be at 0940, with the start in Brownsea Roads. This race will finish in the Bay, with a second race following on, starting in the Bay. It is intended that competitors will be back ashore before 1330.


Notice of Race 2021


Location: Parkstone Yacht Club


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Description Date of first race Availability Bookings Price Book
Cruiser Autumn Series 03-10-2021 closed show £45