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AI and drug discovery – patentability, inventorship, ownership and monetisation   iCal entry for this event

Tuesday 9th October 2018, The Large Pension Room, Gray's Inn, London 

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Subject - artificial intelligence and drug discovery – patentability, inventorship, ownership and monetisation.

The cost of developing a drug to market is estimated to be around £2 billion, with only 1 in 10,000 of drug candidates succeeding and taking approximately 15-16 years to bring to market. Increasingly artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning, is being used in the drug discovery process, with Pfizer, GSK and Genentech, as well as other large pharma organisations, using AI systems and platforms to aid and accelerate their drug discovery programmes. However, this approach raises a number of questions – what’s the best way to protect drugs discovered in this way – copyright, database rights, patent rights; and if by patent, the traditional route for pharma, then where does the invention lie - with the algorithm, the programmer or someone else? And depending on the answer to that, where will the revenue streams from the drug sales ultimately end up.     


The speakers represent small and big pharma and the patent system –


Adrian Tombling heads Withers & Rogers Munich office. He has specific expertise in patent work relating to recombinant DNA technology, recombinant antibodies, gene therapy, diagnostic tests, screening methods and vaccines and works for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities and medical device companies. He has extensive experience of opposition and appeal procedures before the European Patent Office.

Steve Gardner has over 25 years’ experience developing and commercializing ground-breaking data science and informatics applications in several successful companies in the US, UK & mainland Europe and has worked previously for Astra Zeneca A/B and is an Advisory Council member for Breast Cancer Now and UKCRC.


Anthony Kenney is an assistant general counsel at GSK. He has held a variety of in-house roles, including on secondment to Lloyds Bank, and was formerly European Counsel at the Boston Consulting Group from 2009-2014. 

The session, to be chaired by Tim Powell of Powell Gilbert LLP, who has represented clients in some of the largest and most complex  disputes to come before UK patent courts in recent years, should generate lively debate.  



  • Anthony Kenny - GSK 
  • Steve Gardner - Row Analytics  
  • Adrian Tombling - Withers & Rogers 
  • Chair - Tim Powell - Powell Gilbert LLP



The Programme - N/B please note slightly earlier start time. 

6.15pm  - Registration and refreshments

7.00pm  - Dinner followed by speakers


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