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Core Coach Training 26/27 June   iCal entry for this event

Core Coach Training is the "gateway" to 22 different Coach Awards across Sheltered, Moderate and Advanced Water environments.


It is a 2 day course. The prerequisites are that participants are full members of their Awarding Body - BC, Canoe Scotland, Canoe Wales or CANI and are 16 years old at the time of assessment.


The "Develop Your  Coaching Craft" eLearning https://www.britishcanoeingawarding.org.uk/resource/develop_your_coaching_craft/

and the Paddlesport Instructor eLearning


are open to all paddlers and give modular eLearning opportunities that can make the course easier. Equally the Coach Award eLearning is beneficial. The Coach eLearning has to be completed before candidates can go for assessment but if you register (you have to pay) for any assessment the eLearning is available or you can pay £20 to BC. The assessment registration does not expire:



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Core Coach 26-06-2021 until 18-06-2021 full £150