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Webinar Series 2021 - 2022 (GMT Timezone)   iCal entry for this event

The webinar is offered in collaboration with Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias (ITC) - Desal+ Living Lab

The webinars take place in the afternoon at mentioned GMT time zone (+1h for CET).

Webinar topics

  • Recent Technologies for Coupling Photovoltaic Energy with Reverse Osmosis
  • Brine Concentration with Innovative RO Membranes and Processes
  • Strategies for High Recovery RO (brackish and municipal)
  • SEA4Value Brine Recovery - EU Project
  • Desalination in Israel - an Overview
  • Turning waste water into drinking water (IPR/DPR)
  • Desalination in the Mining Industry

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Location: Online


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Code Description Webinar Date Start time End time Availability Bookings Price Select
WTest Test order from Webinar 28-12-2020 closed show €2
WTest1 Test Payment Webinar 28-12-2020 closed show €180
W1Jan21 A1/6 Webinar - PV-RO 27-01-2021 13:00 15:00 closed show €45
W1Feb21 A2/6 Webinar - Brine Concentration with Innovative RO Membranes and Processes 25-02-2021 15:00 17:00 closed show €45
W1Mar21 A3/6 Webinar - Strategies for High Recovery RO (brackish and municipal) 25-03-2021 15:00 17:00 closed show €45
W1Apr21 A4/6 Webinar - Brines: From Waste to Value (SEA4Value) 29-04-2021 15:00 17:00 closed show €45
W1Jun21 A5/6 Webinar - Desalination in Israel - 2 decades of experience, a future of innovation (GMT Time) 23-06-2021 15:00 17:00 closed show €45
WAll21A 4+1 Free - Full Webinar Series A1/5-A5/5 January-June 2021 06-09-2021 closed show €180
WB1Sept21 B1 Webinar - Present & future of control and automation in desalination and water reuse (GMT Time) 30-09-2021 15:00 17:00 closed show €45
WB2Oct21 B2 Webinar - New Skin (EU Project) Innovation ecosystem to accelerate industrial uptake of advanced nanotechnologies (GMT Time) 28-10-2021 15:30 17:30 closed show €45
WB3Nov21 B3 Webinar - PUB's perspective to wastewater treatment and resource recovery (GMT Time) 25-11-2021 09:00 11:00 closed show €45