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Kayak Summer Camps

from Galway Kayak Club in association with The Commercial Boat Club Kayaking Section


Our summer camps are open to kids and teenagers aged 10-17 who are able to swim a little.

The courses are packed with fun games that will cater to everyone. Your skills and water confidence develop while playing fun games and going on short local journeys.


The courses include:

- 5 x 3-hour sessions with experienced qualified instructors

- All kayaking gear provided during the course

- Canoeing Ireland Level 1 or Level 2 Kayak Skills Award on course completion



We will meet at The Commercial Boat Club in Woodquay. 

Changing rooms and showers are available. There is parking on site.

The courses will be held on the Upper Corrib and Galway's canals.


What you need to bring:

-swimming gear/shorts

-wetsuit or old tracksuit to keep you warm in the kayak

-old runners or water shoes

-snacks and a drink (small lunch)

Please select your preferred course.


Skill Awards


Child Protection Policy


Look forward to seeing you

Location: Commercial Boat Club Woodquay


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Description Date Availability Places
Price Book
Week 1: C1 Morning Course starting 09:30 03-07-2017 closed 2
Week 1: C2 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 03-07-2017 closed full
Week 2: C3 Morning Course starting 09:30 10-07-2017 closed full
Week 2: C4 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 10-07-2017 closed 1
Week 3: C5 Morning Course starting 09:30 17-07-2017 closed 1
Week 3: C6 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 17-07-2017 closed full
Week 4: C7 Morning Course starting 09:30 24-07-2017 closed full
Week 4: C8 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 24-07-2017 closed full
Week 1: D1 Morning Course starting 09:30 02-07-2018 closed full
Week 1: D2 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 02-07-2018 closed full
Week 2: D3 Morning Course starting 09:30 09-07-2018 closed full
Week 2: D4 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 09-07-2018 closed full
Week 3: D5 Morning Course starting 09:30 16-07-2018 closed full
Week 3: D6 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 16-07-2018 closed full
Week 4: D7 Morning Course starting 09:30 23-07-2018 closed full
Week 4: D8 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 23-07-2018 closed full
Week 5: D10 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 30-07-2018 closed full
Week 5: D9 Morning Course starting 09:30 30-07-2018 closed full
Week 1: E1 Morning Course starting 09:30 01-07-2019 closed full
Week 1: E2 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 01-07-2019 closed 7
Week 2: E3 Morning Course starting 09:30 08-07-2019 closed full
Week 2: E4 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 08-07-2019 closed full
Week 3: E5 Morning Course starting 09:30 15-07-2019 closed full
Week 3: E6 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 15-07-2019 closed full
Week 4: E7 Morning Course starting 09:30 22-07-2019 closed full
Week 4: E8 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 22-07-2019 closed full
Week 5: E10 Afternoon Course starting 13:30 29-07-2019 closed 1
Week 5: E9 Morning Course starting 09:30 29-07-2019 closed full