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Winter 2017/2018   iCal entry for this event

LLSC Winter Racing Programme November 2017 to March 2018.  Guy Fawkes, Revett, New Years Day, Tipsy Icicle and RNLI



1. LLSC Members free of charge :-) No Need to pre-enter.

2. Non-members. Ever considered joining?  No joining fee. Click here to take a look.  LLSC Subscriptions  

3. Pay for series online here.  Available until a few days beforehand.  Daily sailing is cash on the door per day after this date.

  a) Revett and/or Icicle series entry only available online. Significant discount below daily cash entry price.

  b) All 4 series and pursuit events, "Winter Racing Package' only available online (excludes RNLI).  Significant discount below daily cash entry price.

4. Daily sail - "Cash on the door only"  always available, see NoR for details

5. Reduced fee for Juniors (under 18). For Junior double handers, both sailors must be under 18.


1. Guy Fawkes Pursuit Race - Overall prizes plus fleet prize, where 5+ starters in a fleet.

5th November 2017 - Sunday - Optimist start time 12.40pm


2. The Revett Series - Prizes for Asymmetric, Laser, Solos, Juniors and Handicap. 12.00pm start. 2 races.

12th November 2017 Sunday Races 1&2             3rd December 2017 Sunday Races 7&8

19th November 2017 Sunday Races 3&4            10th December 2017 Sunday Races 9&10

26th November 2017 Sunday Races 5&6


3. New Years Pursuit Race - Overall prizes plus fleet prize, where 5+ starters in a fleet.

1st January 2018 - Sunday - Optimist start time 12.40pm


4. The Tipsy Icicle Series -  Prizes for Asymmetric, Laser, Handicap, Solo and Junior. 12.00pm start. 2 races.

7th January 2018    Sunday Races 1&2                11th February 2018 Sunday Races 11&12

14th January 2018  Sunday Races 3&4                18th February 2018 Sunday Races 13&14

21st January 2018 Sunday Races 5&6                25th February 2018 Sunday Races 15&16

28th January 2018  Sunday Races 7&8                4th March 2018 Sunday Races 17&18

4th February 2018   Sunday Races 9&10             11th March 2018 Sunday Races 19&20


5. RNLI Trophy Day 12.00pm start. 4 short races.

18th March 2018. Proceeds to RNLI. This is the weekend after the Tipsy and the weekend before the RS400 Winters (24th/25th March)



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Sorry this event is in the past.

Description Date Availability Price Book
Guy Fawkes pursuit 05-11-2017 closed
Winter Package All 4 pursuit/series (Not RNLI) 05-11-2017 closed
Revett Series over 5 Sundays 12-11-2017 closed
New years day pursuit 01-01-2018 closed
Tipsy Icicle Series over 10 Sundays 07-01-2018 closed
RNLI Open Day 18-03-2018 closed