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Winter open series 2023/24   iCal entry for this event

LLSC Winter Open Racing Programme November 2023 to April 2024

Guy Fawkes pursuit-                 5th November '23

Revett Series-                            12th November to 17th December '23

New Years Day pursuit-            1st January '24

Tipsy Icicle Series-                    7th January to 17th March'24 and

Haydn Griffiths, RNLI Trophy-  24th March '24.



1. LLSC Members free of charge, although a donation for the RNLI Trophy day would be appreciated :-) Please sign on for each series Series Signon  Series Signon 2023  Series Signon 2024 >

2. Non-members. Ever considered joining?  No joining fee. Click here to take a look.  LLSC Subscriptions  

3. Signup below for our Full Winter Package now and save over 40% off the daily price

4. Daily sail - Enter below each week.

With the exception of Hadyn Griffiths RNLI Open Trophy Day donations, "Cash on the day" option is not available- all entries must be online via this page.

5. Reduced fee for Juniors (under 18). For Junior double-handers, both sailors must be under 18.


1. Finished-Guy Fawkes Pursuit Race - Overall prizes plus fleet prize, where 5+ starters in a fleet.

Sunday 5th November 2023 - Optimist start time 12.40pm- There will be a bonfire after the event, so get yourself a drink and some parkin and have a chat.around the fire.


2. Finished-The Revett Series - Prizes for Asymmetric, Laser, Solos, Juniors and Handicap. 12.00pm start.

12th November 2023 Sunday Races 1&2       3rd December 2023 Sunday Races 7&8

19th November 2023 Sunday Races 3&4       10th December 2023 Sunday Races 9&10

26th November 2023 Sunday Races 5&6       17th December 2023 Sunday Races 11&12


3. Finished- New Years Pursuit Race - Overall prizes plus fleet prize, where 5+ starters in a fleet.

1st January 2024 - Monday - Optimist start time 12.40pm


4. The Tipsy Icicle Series -  Prizes for Asymmetric, Laser, Handicap, Solo and Junior. 12.00pm start. (see 'Change to Tipsy 2024 NOR-SI')

7th   January 2024 Sunday Races 1&2- cancelled       

14th January 2024 Sunday Races 3&4- finished          

21st January 2024 Sunday Races 5&6- cancelled         

28th January 2024 Sunday Races 7&8 - finished         

4th February 2024 Sunday Races 9&10- cancelled      

11th February 2024 Sunday Races 11&12 

18th February 2024 Sunday Races 13&14 & 1- see change to NOR & SI

25th February 2024 Sunday Races 15&16 & 2- see change to NOR & SI

3rd March 2024 Sunday Races 17&18 & 5- see change to NOR & SI

10th March 2024 Sunday Races 19&20 & 6- see change to NOR & SI

17th March 2024 Sunday Races 21&22


5. Hadyn Griffiths RNLI Trophy Day 12.00pm start. 3 races.

Sunday 24th March 2024. All proceeds to the RNLI.


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Sorry this event is in the past.

Description Date Availability Bookings Price Book
Full Winter Package All 4 pursuit/series (Not RNLI) 05-11-2023 closed show
Guy Fawkes Pursuit 05-11-2023 closed show
Revett Series over 6 Sundays 12-11-2023 closed show
Single Day Ticket 12-11-2023 closed show
Single Day Ticket 19-11-2023 closed show
Single Day Ticket 26-11-2023 closed
Single Day Ticket 03-12-2023 closed show
Single Day Ticket 10-12-2023 closed show
Single Day Ticket 17-12-2023 closed show
New Years Day Pursuit 01-01-2024 closed show
Full Tipsy Icicle Series over 11 Sundays 07-01-2024 closed show
Single Day Ticket 07-01-2024 closed
Single Day Ticket 14-01-2024 closed show
Single Day Ticket 21-01-2024 closed £12
Single Day Ticket 28-01-2024 closed show
Single Day Ticket 04-02-2024 closed
Single Day Ticket 11-02-2024 closed show
Single Day Ticket 18-02-2024 closed show
Single Day Ticket 25-02-2024 closed show
Single Day Ticket 03-03-2024 closed show
Single Day Ticket 10-03-2024 closed
Single Day Ticket 17-03-2024 closed
Haydn Griffiths RNLI Trophy Open Day 24-03-2024 closed show