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13 and Under Community Session   iCal entry for this event

London Pulse 13 and Under Community Sessions


Ages: 10 to 13 years old

- Up to years 7 & 8 at school

Every Saturday during school term time, 2:30pm - 4:00pm 

Ellen Wilkinson School, Queens Drive, London W3 0HW


This jam packed session will cover everything from fundamentals to match play each and every Saturday. The first half will be training all parts of a complete player : ball handling, shooting, reading offense, reading defense, and much more. 


The second half will be match play with all participants divided into teams. Matches will be used to teach all aspects of a real basketball game with coaches, officials and timed play. 


League will be run by Greg Burton and Damian Hannon;  Greg has over 25 years experience training players and teams from amateurs to professionals in the US and all over the world. Damian has been the Lead Coach and Executive Director of London Pulse for over 5 years. 







Location: Ellen Wilkinson School, Queens Drive, London W3 0HW


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Description Autumn 2020 Term
Date 12-09-2020
Start time 14:30
End time 16:00
Availability until 31-12-2020
Type Price    
Annual Fee £255
Full Term Fee £90
1st Half Term Fee £50
2nd Half Term Fee £50