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Spring Cleaning from 1pm   iCal entry for this event

Please select from the list below. 

Each task will be 2 club duty hours.

If any task is over subscribed we'll be in touch. Otherwise please come to the club for 1pm on Saturday.

Please only select a task that you are physically able to do. Some tasks will require more mobility and strength than others. 

 - Compound Re-Organisation - moving of boats and other equipment in readiness for 

Summer season under direction of Compound Bosun. Up to 8 people needed. 

- Lounge deep clean - including pulling all furniture out etc - 4 people
- Changing Room / Toilets Deep Clean - including jet wash floors, clean in all nooks and crannies - 2 people in each changing room. 
- All club boats - check over, clean - 4 people
- Compound - remove all junk, clear any weeds/brambles etc. - 4-6 people. Please bring gardening gloves. Rubbish sack, and secateurs. 
- Racebox - clear out cupboards, remove any junk/old documents, clean - 2 people
- Hull on foreshore - cut up - 2 people
- Outside clubhouse - clean all windows/surrounds/veranda/barbeque. Move benches onto shingle. 2 people. 


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Description Date Availability Places
Price Book
Changing Room/Toilets Deep Clean 20-04-2024 closed 2 £0
Club Boats Clean 20-04-2024 closed full £0
Compound Re-organisation 20-04-2024 closed 2 £0
Compound Tidy 20-04-2024 closed full £0
Hull on Foreshore 20-04-2024 closed 1 £0
Lounge Deep Clean 20-04-2024 closed full £0
Outside Clubhouse 20-04-2024 closed full £0
Racebox Tidy and Clean 20-04-2024 closed full £0