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Following on from knotty night, our next seamanship evening is Turning the tide. 
Please sign up for a beginner's look at how the tides work in our harbour, and what affects them. Plus some basic training on all those floating buoys out there and what they mean for you. 
Did you know, the moon and the sun have their own gravitational fields, much like Earth. Whilst they won’t pick us up and make us float off into space, they are powerful enough to move the oceans around the planet…literally pulling the sea towards them. 
For more fun facts and key information for being out on the water come and join us 
There'll be chilli and rice served between 6pm and 7pm and our speakers will start at around 7pm. You don't have to eat to come along, but pre booking either way would be appreciated so we know numbers to expect/cater for.
Although this evening is developed for newer members, our seasoned sailors, rowers, and paddlers are very welcome as the more advice and guidance in the room the better. 

Location: TSC


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