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The DHPC is holding a BHPA Club Coach Course on the weekend of 2nd-3rd February 2019 at Stanbridge & Tilsworth Community Hall, LU7 9PN (NOT Tilsworth Golf Club).

These courses are held over a weekend and are aimed at members wishing to help low-airtime pilots progress in our sport, by giving help and advice when required. You must have 10 hours minimum airtime to attend a course, but don't let that put you off if you only have a couple of hours over that limit, you don't have to be a sky-god to be a good Club Coach.

Existing coaches are reminded that the BHPA now operates a system of Coach Revalidation, and that FSC recommends that coaches re-attend a Coach Course at least every five years to ensure that nothing gets forgotten, and that they are fully up-to-date with current thinking.

The DHPC will pay the BHPA Course fee for Dunstable Club members ONLY! 

Pilots attending from other Clubs (Non DHPC members) will have to pay full price as below.
(£30 per participant, and £20 for a retake).


For a Event Location map <Click Here>

The DHPC will provide Tea, Coffee and biscuits on both days, however, pilots attending the Coach Course are advised to bring a Packed Lunch on both days, as there are limited places nearby to get food.


Location: Stanbridge & Tilsworth Community Hall, LU7 9PN


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Description Club Coach Course - 2 Days
Date 02-02-2019
Start time 09:30
End time 17:30
Places available 3
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Type Price    
Non DHPC Members £30
Non DHPC Retake £20
DHPC members £0