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Shivcharitra (dinner included in ticket price)   iCal entry for this event

Shivaji Jayanti 2022


Maharashtra Mandal London invites you to join us in the celebration of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s 392nd birth anniversary, where we are looking back at his lifetime.

The program includes kids narrating elements of Shivaji Maharaj’s life; starting with his birth, explaining who he was, what he accomplished and his conquests, including how he carved out and create a kingdom for Maharashtrians and established self-rule - Swarajya.

Other aspects of the program are a Dhol Tasha performance, beautiful Powada, a Gondhal, various dances & songs and a “killa” Exhibition by kids.

This will most definitely be great entertainment for kids and Adults of all ages...you won’t want to miss it; and it would be a wonderful treat for the participating kids to perform to a full-house audience.

Book your tickets via the following link https://webcollect.org.uk/mml/event/shivcharitra


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Shivcharitra (dinner included in ticket price) 12-03-2022 closed full £10