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Juicing & cider-making at Mosser 25-11-18   iCal entry for this event

This year's members-only juicing event will be at Mark's cider barn in Mosser. Turn up any time from 10am onwards. All activities will take place under cover, so weather and darkness is not a problem (within reason!). We plan to have two hydropresses in operation, so should be able to deal with a good quantity of fruit.

The purpose of the event is twofold:
(1) Members can bring along their own apples (or those they have scrumped) to juice and then take the juice away with them in suitable containers.
(2) Members who wish to be part of the cider-making subgroup can juice the apples and put them to ferment into cider. Novice cider-makers will receive help and guidance in doing this. The cider will be fermented at the Mosser Cider Barn - there will be subsequent events to rack and package it.
Non-members, please join before attending - which can be done on this website (don't forget the joining fee of £5 as well as the subscription).

Members - if you are not a member of the cider-making subgroup and would like to join, please read the details here. For new cider group members the extra subscription will be £5. The cider is then £5 per 10L, to cover materials etc.

Please bring clean apples!

PLEASE BOOK (no charge) below so that we have an idea of numbers.

We will provide refreshments, but cake is always welcome!

LOCATION: The event will be at High Mosser Gate, Mosser near Cockermouth. See HERE for directions. The postcode is CA13 0SR, for SatNav slaves, but that leaves you at least half a mile away, depending on your SatNav. SatNav may also route you over completely unsuitable fell roads, so follow the main roads as per the directions!

Parking will be a short distance from the barn, but you can drop off apples at the barn then park.


Contact Mark (see link below) with any queries.


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