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Whitewater kayak improver sessions   iCal entry for this event

Please note this event is only available to current members. It can not be used as a trial session. 


Quick Info

A series of progressive trips designed to improve your ability through coaching. Ideal for those who have booked on Tyne Tour this year, but open to those who can't.


Location: Various - Potentially Matlock, Jackfield Rapids (Iron Bridge), Nene WW Centre & HPP (Backwaters)

Suitable For: Those able to control their kayak on flat water, that have passed a spraydeck test. No roll required.

Meeting at: Varies (Some evenings)



Each session improves on the last so if you are unable to make early ones, you may not be suitable for the later ones. If in doubt ask any of the coaches/helpers at the club. 



Want to try some moving water in a kayak? or have you done some sessions but want to improve and progress? 


These sessions are open to any member that is able to control their kayak on flat water. You must have passed your spraydeck test. You do not need to be able to roll. If you are unsure about your suitability, please 


Spaces are limited by coach and boat availability so book quickly. If we run out of space, priority will be given to those booked on to Tyne tour.


Typical rivers\locations we use for these are Matlock, Jackfield Rapids (Severn), Symmons Yat (Wye), Nene Active & Holme Pierrepont.


Boats Hire


You will need a correctly sized whitewater boat, neoprene spraydeck, helmet, BA and paddle. The club has a limited number of these available. We can help you with correct boat selection but if you have a preference, enter it into the form when booking on.


The boat must have airbags fitted. This applies if it is your own boat or a club boat.


What to bring

  • Normal paddle kit, suitable for the colder weather.
  • A spare set of clothing in case you get wet on the water. Pop this in a drybag to keep it dry.
  • Lunch\Snacks, a hot drink.
  • Kit to get changed at the other end.


Note: There is a higher than normal chance you will get wet, a good cag and a good wet suit or a dry suit is really needed for these trips, especially as we move into winter. Bring a warm change of clothes too.


Boat Selection


The club have several whitewater spec boats, most are listed below. Others are available.


  • D65 x 2 - Small Person Weighing 45-82kg
  • D75 x 2 - Person Weighing 63-109kg
  • D60 x 2 - Small Person Weighing 27-64kg
  • Kanarli x 2  - Large Person Weighing 80-130kg


We will match you to a boat, but use the above as a guide. You should feel 'snug' in a white water boat.



Members £5.00 per person. All of this goes to the club as usual. Course fees (if we go to a man made course) are not included.


Transport isn't included in the cost above. On most trips we will take enough cars to cover the numbers. You will be expected to make arrangements with the drivers for yourself and usually petrol cost is shared between passengers in the cars.


If we take the minibus, we will again share the fuel cost based on numbers.



Location: Various


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Sorry this event is in the past.

Description Date Start time End time Availability Price Book
Session 1 - Full Day 06-01-2019 closed
Session 2 - Full Day 20-01-2019 closed
Session 3 - Full Day 17-02-2019 closed
Session 4 - Full Day 10-03-2019 closed
Session 5 - Full Day 31-03-2019 closed £5
Bonus Evening Session (Nene WW) 09-04-2019 18:30 21:30 closed