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Pool Sessions 2024   iCal entry for this event

We are running a series of pool sessions at the Hatch End swimming pool for Beginners, Improvers & Intermediate paddlers.  The pool sessions are for up to an hour each on Sunday evening and can be tailored to suit your needs. If you are a new Level 1 / Paddle Discover / One Star paddler, we can focus on you gaining confidence on and under the water; improving support strokes and the use of the hip flick and possibly introduce rolling. Level 2 / Paddle Explore / Two star paddlers can practice support strokes and Eskimo rescues, as well as learn to roll. Seasoned rollers can try different types of roll.

These sessions are available to all club members and non-members who have Level 1,  Paddle Discover or 1 Star, on a first come, first served basis, just book and pay online. You can check availability on the WebCollect page. Beginners are also welcome, but please let us know at time of booking.

The club will provide kayaks, paddles, spray decks and coaching. All you need to bring is normal swimming gear and a t-shirt. We will meet you at the pool. (We do not recommend bookings two hours consecutively on the same day). You can pick and mix which dates and times you want. Most beginners will need at least two sessions, probably more to learn to roll. Bookings shut 3 days before the session – you may still be able to book by telephone after the closing date. Please ensure you pay online at the time of booking. If you need to discuss a booking, please ONLY contact Phil on 07837 585798 or phil@phoenixcanoeclub.co.uk

Community groups are advised to check with us before booking – call Phil on 07837 585798. We can tailor a session to your requirements.

To ensure as many members as possible get the chance to use the pool, bookings are restricted to 3 sessions per person booked before 31st December 2023. There is no limit after 1st January 2024.

Allow to arrive 15 minutes before the session start time so that you are changed and ready at the start time. All sessions are 1 hour long – please help to clear the pool quickly at the end of the session.

If you wish to use your own kayak in the pool, please ensure it is fully cleaned inside and out so that it doesn't pollute the pool.

Location: Hatch End Swimming Pool


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Description Date Start time End time Availability Places
Price Book
Pool Session A - Coaches Training 07-01-2024 17:00 18:00 closed 1 £0
Pool Session B 07-01-2024 18:00 19:00 closed full
Pool Session C - Community Group 14-01-2024 17:00 18:00 closed full £160
Pool Session D 14-01-2024 18:00 19:00 closed 1
Pool Session E 21-01-2024 17:00 18:00 closed full
Pool Session F 21-01-2024 18:00 19:00 closed full
Pool Session G - Community Group 28-01-2024 17:00 18:00 closed full £160
Pool Session H 28-01-2024 18:00 19:00 closed full
Pool Session I - Community Group 25-02-2024 17:00 18:00 closed full £160
Pool Session J 25-02-2024 18:00 19:00 closed full
Pool Session K - Community Group 03-03-2024 17:00 18:00 closed full £160
Pool Session L 03-03-2024 18:00 19:00 closed full
Pool Session M - Community Group 10-03-2024 17:00 18:00 closed full £160
Pool Session N 10-03-2024 18:00 19:00 closed 2
Pool Session O - Community Group 17-03-2024 17:00 18:00 closed full £160
Pool Session P 17-03-2024 18:00 19:00 closed full