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2018 National 12 & OK Open Meeting   iCal entry for this event

Incorporating the rescheduled:

  • 2018 Burghfield National 12 Open Meeting -  Saturday, 20th October 2018
  • 2018 Burghfield OK Open Meeting - Saturday, 20th October 2018


The aim of the day is sprint racing - fast and furious, quick turnarounds and lots of challenging fun.  As many races as possible over the course of the day on a simple course.


Pre-registration & Entry Fees:

Pre-registration with a discounted entry fee is available until midnight 17 October 2018. 


  • Single-Hander Pre-registered: £15
  • Double-Hander Pre-registered: £21
  • Single-Hander Entry after 17 October: £20
  • Double-Hander Entry after 17 October: £26


Entry Form:

There is a short form to complete at checkout - your contact details are only requested so that we can contact you with information relating to this specific event.


Payment Options:

We offer the following options for payment.  Unless specifically required in the NOR, payment is not required before the event. For pre-event payments, please see the NOR for details of the refund policy.


  • Direct Debit - We use GoCardless for our Direct Debit processing (the entry fee is a single payment). GoCardless offers the club cheap, fast and secure payment processing. GoCardless accesses the direct debit network through its sponsor RBS and is registered with the FSA as a small Payments Institution. For further information please visit www.gocardless.com
  • Bank Transfer - the Club bank account details will be sent to you with your order confirmation and will include a unique bank reference for use when making the transfer.  Payments should be received no later than 9am on the Friday immediately preceding the event.
  • Payment on the Day - Cash Only, no cheques or cards. 


Please note: for direct debit/goCardless and bank transfer payments - entries may show as unpaid for a few days after authorisation due to bank payment processing times.


Additional Information: 

Burghfield Open Meetings: General Information

Burghfield SC: Location

Note: There is a 2.2m height restriction at the entrance to the club, please see the website for access details.

Local Accommodation

For details regarding camping close to the club please contact the club office


Hot food, drinks and snacks will be available during registration and throughout lunchtime.  Please note that the bar & galley accept cash only (no cards/cheques).


Sunday Racing

Boats attending the open meeting are very welcome to join the club racing on the following Sunday.


Arriving Early?

If you wish to leave your boat/s at the club on Friday please contact the Club Office.


Any problems/questions regarding the event, registration or payment, please don't hesitate to contact the Club Office.


Location: Burghfield Sailing Club


Select Class
Description Date Availability Bookings Price Select
National 12 20-10-2018 until 17-10-2018 show £21
OK 20-10-2018 until 17-10-2018 show £15